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Monday, June 16, 2008

Eleven who Disappeared

Now that the short season rosters have been posted, there are eleven players who were on an Astros' rosters at the end of 2007 no longer on a roster, I am assuming the following eleven have been released:

Danny Gil(2007 Draft, Tri-City in 2007)
Carlos Lazu(Greeneville in 2007)
Andrew Lucati(Signed out of Italy last off-season)
Agustin Pinales(Greeneville in 2007)
Mason Roberts(2007 Draft, Greeneville in 2007)
Cardoza Tucker(Tri-City in 2007)

Alberto Cruz(2006 Draft, Tri-City in 2007)
Charles Gamble(2007 Draft, Tri-City in 2007)
Philip Stringer(2007 Draft, Greeneville/Tri-City in 2007)

Axel Gonzalez(2006 Draft, Greeneville/Tri-City in 2007)
Cody Phipps(2007 Draft, Greeneville in 2007)


LogicHeart said...

I was a little surprised to hear that about Lucati. I mean, it's not often you go overseas to recruit a kid and then cut him less than a year later.

I did some digging, though, and on the major league club's website, there's an article about the 'Stros signing him. It indicated that he stayed at the Italian Academy up through this year, since he still hadn't graduated when we signed him. Do you happen to know whether or not he was at extended spring training?

Thanks for running this blog. I read every one of your posts! Keep up the good work.

farmstros said...

Logicheart, Lucati may not have been at Extended Spring training. I really don't know much about how signings from Europe. He may well still be playing in Italy and under the Astros control. The only reference I have is the shortstop from Holland, Jan Baldee, also signed this past off-season. He ended up in Venezuela with the Astros team there for the summer.