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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Farmstros Five- Week 11

This was a busy week in the minors with three leagues ended their first half and the two short-season leagues kicking off. Round Rock ended up the week at 4 and 3 improving to 32 and 40 over-all. Corpus Christi went 2-5(they ended their first half 30-40); Salem 2-4(they ended their first half 30-40 and lost the first game of the second half); Lexington went 1-4(they ended their first half 21-48); Also, Tri-City(loss) and Greeneville(win) played the first game of the season.

The Farmstros Five for the week of June 11-17:

Mark Ori, 1B, Salem. Ori went 10 for 25 with two doubles, one triple and eight RBI
Rob Cosby, 1B, Corpus Christi. Cosby was 10 for 30 with one double, one triple, two HRs and eight RBI.
J.R. House, C/1B, Round Rock. House was 13 for 29 with one double, one home run and eight RBI.
Runelvys Hernandez, RHP, Round Rock. Hernandez continued his strong AAA showing with seven innings and one run allowed with six Ks in his start.
David Newhan, IF, Round Rock. Newhan was 10 for 24 with three doubles, two home runs and six RBI.


trevorchoate said...

It's really sad that most of the top 5 are guys that have no shot at truly making a difference at the big league level. Let's hope Wade and Heck can fix that.

farmstros said...

Good observation. I thought a similar thing when I was picking the five. Usually, there are prospects doing well in a given week. For some reason this week, except for Ori, all the top performers were journeymen. For the record, Trinidad at Corpus and Parraz at Salem were next in line.