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Monday, June 23, 2008

The Scoop on James

According to Matt Hicks the Hooks announcer, James is dealing with some back issues and is in Houston to be examined today. He will miss the all-star game on Wednesday.


GOASTROS said...

What is the deal with our minor league pitchers getting hurt. This is a seriously disturbing trend.

Virtually all of their decent pitching prospects have dealt with injuries in the last year.

Fernando Nieve, Troy Patton last year
Bud Norris, Brad James, Felipe Paulino, Sergio Perez this year. I'm sure I'm missing a couple as well.

farmstros said...

It does seem quite prevalent, goastros. Also, Jack Cassel has missed a few starts with back issues,Mark McClemore has missed this whole season, and Tip Fairchild at Corpus this year, missed all of 2007 with Tommy John surgery. I don't know how this compare with other franchises.

joshef halw said...

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