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Thursday, July 17, 2008

My All-Star Game Dream

I must have dozed off while Brad Lidge was warming up for the bottom of the 15th inning on Tuesday night, because I missed the end of the All-Star Game.
However, I do remember a very peculiar dream.
I dreamed that while Lidge was making his preparations, I turned off the television and found the contest on the radio(apparently, my subconscious had had enough of the Fox broadcast team). The game unfolded for my ears and my mind's eye much like it had as a child trying to pick up distant broadcasts from my Houston bedroom. Oddly enough in my dream, Lidge had a 1-2-3 15th and Terry Francona was faced with his great dilemma. However, seemingly out of no where, Bud Selig showed up in the American League dugout and briefly spoke to Francona before proceeding to the home plate area. There he conferred with Derryl Cousins and made his way to the mound. Those at THE STADIUM were as stunned as I when the owner of the Brewers, I mean, the commissioner of baseball, made it clear that he was personally going to keep this game from ending in a dreaded tie("NO SISTER KISSING ON MY WATCH!"). From out of his pockets, Selig pulled a mitt and a vintage Seattle Pilots hat. Then, Cousins tossed a ball to the commissioner, who commenced warming up with the assistance of the new catcher, Drayton McClane, Jr.. Apparently, Mr. McClane doesn't have much of a bat, but he is great at handling pitchers. After the obligatory eight pitches, McClane made the toss down to second and Corey Hart, ironically of the Brewers, stepped in the box to lead off the 16th inning against the commissioner.
As Selig started his wind up, I was awakened by the intro music for our local FOX newscast, so I turned off the television and headed to bed.

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MinneTex said...

made me laugh. this dream is for you bud.