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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lancaster JetHawks Roster

David Berner
Leandro Cespedes
David Duncan
Kyle Godfrey
Kyle Greenwalt
Dallas Keuchel
Mike Modica
Ashton Mowdy
Michael Schurz
Ross Seaton
Patrick Urckfitz
Brian Wabick
Shane Wolf

John Curtis
Federico Hernandez

Albert Cartwright
Rayner Contreras
David Flores
Mark Ori
Ebert Rosario
Brandon Wikoff

Jay Austin
Brandon Barnes
Lee Cruz
Freddy Parejo


Larry McCoy said...

One name missing is Leandro Cespedes (pitcher) who looks like a sure thing for a roster spot in Lancaster, unless he goes back to Lexington.

farmstros said...

Based on 2008, I was definitely expecting Cespedes to be in Lancaster. At this point, I am just going on the team's website information.

farmstros said...

My only thought is, he is might be moving to the bullpen and staying in Low A to do this.

Larry McCoy said...

i hadn't considered the notion of him remaining in Low A Lexington as a move to the bullpen. Thanks for the reply... Enjoy the site trememdously and keep up the good work... I have season seats in Greeneville and go to about 15-20 Legends games a year... this is my favorite minor league Stros site to keep up on the other teams..

farmstros said...

I only thought of him in the bullpen since he has high strikeout numbers and it seems the organization has potential for several starters coming up...Seaton, Lyles, Duncan, Dydalewicz. Glad you enjoy the site.

Larry McCoy said...

Pelligrini is in Lancaster now. Not sure if someone was DL to open the roster spot.