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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Who's Still in Florida?

As the season gets rolling, there are still 39 players who ended last season in Greeneville or Tri-City who are not on a roster. My assumption, having not seen them released, is that they are in Extended Spring Training in Kissimmee. In case you are looking for them here they are. If you have more information on this, please feel free to add. (I am including how they were acquired and their 2008 team)

PLEASE NOTE: I am not sure if players from Venezuela and the D.R. spend this time training in their home country or in Florida.


Jarred Holloway(2008 Draft; Tri-City)-Disabled for 2009 Season
Sergio Severino

Jose Lopez(2002, Venezuela; CC/RR)

Jan Baldee(2007, The Netherlands; VSL Astros)

Devon Torrence(2007 Draft; Greeneville)@Ohio St. for football


Snake Diggity said...

Do you know who the player to be named later in the Keppinger deal is?

farmstros said...

I don't know...I did read that it is supposed to be done by May 1. Also, Ed Wade said it is to be a substantial prospect. Make what you want of that.


Have you heard anything?

KHB said...

Astros sent Drew Sutton over to the Reds this afternoon to complete the Jeff Keppinger deal!

farmstros said...

good catch, KHB.

Larry McCoy said...

Talked to management in Greeneville... several of those in FL that was in rookie ball will make it back to TN again. I will try to get some names asap.


Kirkland Rivers

ex-Allentown Amabassadors player

So Rivers is on disabled list in Astros system right now?

Where do you think he will be assigned once he is off the DL?

farmstros said...

My guess is that he will be back in Tri-City this June.

Xriston said...

Any word on who is standing out down in extended spring training?

farmstros said...

I don't have any leads on Extended spring training