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Friday, September 4, 2009

Greeneville Astros win 27

The Astros affiliate in the Appalachian League went 27-40(or 41, depending on what source you look at). Either way there were a few players to mention:

Aaron Bray, 22, 1B. Bray(27th Round Pick) batted .278 with 20 RBI in 48 games.

Jose Cisnero, 20, RHP. Cisnero made thirteen starts and posted a 3.56 ERA with 64 Ks in 55 2/3 IP.

Grant Hogue, 23, OF. Hogue(35th Round Pick) batted .284 with 17 stolen bases in 53 games.

Jiovanni Mier, 19, SS. Mier(1st Round Pick) batted .276 with seven home runs and 32 RBI with 10 stolen bases in 51 games.

Juri Perez, 19, RHP. Perez had a 2.79 ERA in 15 appearances. He had 60 strikeouts in 51 2/3 IP.


Steve Duer said...


Good summary of the talent at G'ville. If I may add a few others that caught my eye.

Luis Alvarez (C)19 year old catcher from Ven. Season ended early due to knee injury while backing up first. Hit .271 in 48 AB.

Juri Perez (RHP) just turned 19 and also left his last start with an arm injury. Since being moved from the pen into the rotation, he was 2-1 with a 2.45 ERA, needs to keep the ball down better but 60 Ks in 51 2/3 IP isn't shabby.

farmstros said...

Thanks for the additional information.