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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Abad, like Wright, moving to Starter

Fernando Abad, LHP, who made three starts at Corpus Christi at the end of the 2009 season after spending the remainder of the season in the Lancaster bullpen, appears to be transitioning to a starting role this off-season. He has already made two starts in the Dominican Winter League.

A switch by Abad could leave the 2010 Corpus Christi starting rotation looking like this:

Jordan Lyles, RHP
Ross Seaton, RHP
Robert Bono, RHP
Leandro Cespedes, RHP
Fernando Abad, LHP
Doug Arguello, LHP (Arguello was in AA last year, but spent a good portion of the season injured, so may not move up to start the year.)


Snake Diggity said...

Where do you see Chris Hicks next year? I don't see how a repeat at Lancaster would do him any good, and I like his potential. Also, are you thinking Sergio Perez and Brad James both jump up to AAA?

farmstros said...

I think that any of the Lexington arms from '09 get the priority at CC in '10 ahead of Hicks. I know Hicks started all of this year, but maybe he moves to the CC bullpen? I do think Perez and James are heading to RR. Perez because he is progressing. James because they need to make some room in CC for younger arms, where he has been unimpressive for two seasons.

Michael said...

I am actually convinced that Seaton may not make the jump. A lot that I am reading about him (BA mostly) says there is some work to do with incorporating his lower half. They have interviews from managers in the Sally League that show no one was really impressed with him. Are you completely sold on Seaton making the jump?

farmstros said...

Michael, I had definitely heard that Lyles is regarded way ahead of Seaton. I'm not completely sold on Seaton going to Corpus. I do wonder if he doesn't make it to AA if he'll get sent to Lancaster. It seems the Astros are reluctant to put any of their top arms there.