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Thursday, October 8, 2009

What will we do without Mark Saccomanno?

I have put together a list of the Farmstros who are eligible for Minor League Free Agency this off-season. This list was accurately described on another fansite as "A veritable who's who of won't get picked and replaceable players." Thank you Jacksonian at Spikes n Stars.

Despite its relative irrelevance, I do wonder when I look at this list, "What we will do without Mark Saccomanno?"

It was a great story when Saccomanno was promoted in 2008 and homered in his first big league at bat. He has been one of Round Rock's top performers for three seasons. However, he is not going to push Lance Berkman out of first base at Minute Maid Park. Further, Mark Ori and Jimmy Van Ostrand seem to be on their way to Dell Diamond in 2010, meaning Saccomanno's days there are numbered.


Snake Diggity said...

I think he may have spot at 3B if Johnson is in Houston next year. He's played there before.

farmstros said...

My guess is Johnson starts next year at RR. Also, Florentino from CC this season, may be pushing up from below.