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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Heck Finds Two Gifts in his Stocking

The day after St. Nicholas Day, Bobby Heck found two extra 2010 picks in his draft stocking. Jose Valverde ("Mr. Small Glove" as my son calls him) declined arbitration late Monday night. In the likely event that Valverde, a type A free agent signs elsewhere, Bobby Heck and the Astros draft team will get two compensatory picks to work with in the June draft.

If Valverde signs with team whose pick is between 17-32, Houston gets that team's first round pick.
If Valverde signs with team whose pick is between 1-16, Houston gets that team's second round pick.
Wherever Valverde signs, Houston receives an extra pick in the supplemental round between the first two rounds.
*Based on this information, the ideal team for Valverde to sign with from a draft perspective would be Tampa Bay, which has the 17th over-all pick. Can you help us out, Gerry Hunsicker?

A possible scenario of what Houston will have to work with in the first two rounds on June 7, 2010. (the draft runs through June 9):

The numbers vary based on the number of Type A and B free agents who sign after decining arbitration, as this effects the number of supplemental pick. However, for example if 20 free agents requiring compensation sign, the Astros would at worst have four picks in the first 69.

1. #8 over-all (The team's original pick)
2. Between #17 and #32 over-all or between #54 and #69 over-all (Depending on where Valverde signs
3. Between #33 and #53 (Supplemental pick for loss of Valverde)

4. #61 over-all (The team's original pick)

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wgr56 said...

I listen to a lot of baseball commentary, both on MLB Network and MLB on XM Radio. I also read everything I can about the Astros, and I find it curious that Jose Valverde has been like the forgotten man. Since he declined arbitration, I haven't heard one word about what teams might be interested in him.