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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Meanwhile in the Shadow of the USS Lexington...

...a large number of these players should be starting for your Corpus Christi Hooks:

First Game: April 8 @ Tulsa

C- Jonathan Fixler/Brian Esposito (I am interested to see if Clemens catches at all this year)
1B- Mark Ori/Matt Weston (NOTE: Based on comments posted below, it looks as if Clemens will be at first base)
2B- Craig Corrado/Drew Meyer
SS- Marcos Cabral
3B- Jhonny Florentino (If Florentino moves up, David Flores could get a shot)
OF- Jack Shuck
OF- Jon Gaston (Can he hit HRs in Whataburger Field, too?)
OF- Collin DeLome
Utility- Koby Clemens (If he keeps hitting, he'll play somewhere, 1B)
Starter- Jordan Lyles
Starter- Fernando Abad
Starter- Doug Arguello
Starter- Kyle Greenwalt
Starter- Ross Seaton (He may start the season lower, but I expect AA by July or August)
Bullpen- Dan Meszaros
Bullpen- Henry Villar
Bullpen- Jordan Powell


OremLK said...

I was under the impression that Clemens would be the starting first baseman? I believe Ed Wade mentioned in a live chat awhile back that Bobby Heck had recommended that so he could focus on his hitting, and it sounded like Wade agreed with him.

Seems like he should at least be getting the start in a corner outfield spot or first base, one or the other.

farmstros said...

I have to admit that I missed that chat. It would definitely make sense to have him ahead of Ori and Weston.

OremLK said...

Here is what Wade had to say in the live chat (this happened on Justice's blog by the way).

"Koby had an absolutely incredible season at Lancaster and everyone in the organization is proud of the way he's handled himself. No, he won't make the club out of spring training. We need to find the right position for him to play. Bobby Heck has stressed letting him play first base exclusively and I think his rationale makes a lot of sense."

farmstros said...

Thanks for finding and posting that quote from Wade, OremLK.

Snake Diggity said...

Hard to see how repeat seasons would do any good for Ori, DeLome, or Florentino. I can see Florentino since there's no room in Round Rock and no one pushing from Lancaster. But I think Ori gets released and DeLome is in Round Rock.

Anxious to see if Einertson and Josh Flores get cut. What might've been.