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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Perhaps this Trio Will be Farmstros after all?

With college baseball starting this month, it is interesting that the three top draft picks that Houston failed to sign after the 2007 draft are highly rated as college players heading into their junior years, and should go early in the 2010 draft.

Derek Dietrich, drafted in the 1st Round by Houston in 2007 is a 3B/SS at Georgia Tech. He is rated 38th among draft eligible collegians by Baseball America.
Brett Eibner, drafted in the 2nd Round in 2007, is a RHP/OF at Arkansas. He is rated 19th.
Chad Bettis, drafted in the 8th Round in 2007, is a RHP at Texas Tech. He is rated 14th.


timmy! said...

Was it first round or first pick? I thought the Astros had lost their first two round picks and selected Dietrich in the third round?

farmstros said...

Good catch...Dietrich WAS in the third round and Eibner ws in the fourth round. Thanks, for pointing out my brain freeze.