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Monday, April 5, 2010

A New Song Coming...Rosters Here

I am working on a new FARMSTROS SONG, "98 Players". It is an opening day tune, and I will release at least 12 hours before Lexington's first pitch Thursday at 6:05 p.m. Houston time.

Also, kudos to Zach Levine at for getting the word out on the minor league rosters. I will get all the roster pages updated with links before Opening Day Wednesday, but for now, visit his post on the "98 Players who will be starting play on Thursday in Lexington, Lancaster, Corpus Christi, and Round Rock.

A few notes on the rosters:

Chia-jen Lo will stay in Corpus to work on his curve ball.

Brian Pellegrini is in Florida recovering from an injury. He is heading to Lancaster once he can play.

Two major drops in level for Mark Ori (Lancaster) and Jonathon Fixler (Lexington)

A few names aren't anyway on the rosters, which makes me wonder if they have been cut. A few of the more notable missing players:

Chris Blazek, LHP
Phil Disher, IF
Mitch Einertson, OF
Brad James, RHP
Chris Salamida, LHP


Larry McCoy said...

Einertson is still serving the suspension for "recreational usage" of substances issued last season if I recall correctly.

Steve Duer said...

Still has 20 games on the suspension for a drug of abuse. Very different than recreational usage. Based on Mitch's continuing off the field issues (missed a hunk of the 05 season as well and the quality of OF prospects moving up. I think he will be released when he comes off suspension.

Larry McCoy said...

I checked my data and the reports was for recreational drug usage with resulting suspension. It was not a performance enhancing drug but rather a "drug of choice".

and on this site at

you are correct in 20 games left as he served 30 games last season.