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Thursday, May 6, 2010

A chant for Rojo Johnson

My friend who coached against Rojo Johnson in Venezuela in the 90s, contacted me again Wednesday night. He was talking Tuesday night to a colleague who also spent some time in Venezuela in the late 90s. That former coach remembered a chant that the fans in Venezuela created especially for Johnson. Apparently the volatile Johnson used to get quite a bit of motivation from the chant when he was on the mound. Also, the colleague remembered that Johnson seemed to be extra focused on his pitching when he heard the cowbells that were prevalent in Venezuelan baseball stadiums. He said, "We did an unscientific study, and it appeared that Johnson threw at least six or seven miles per hour faster and with much more accuracy when he heard the cowbell."


和中如勇 said...
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Monica & Daniel said...

It definitely helped tonight! He was on fire.. a little too much so. No mas cerveza, por favor, Rojo Johnson.