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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

2010 Valley Cats Roster

Joan Belliard (Greeneville in 2009)
Travis Blankenship (2010 Draft- 31st Round)
Chris Blazek (Blazek has been as high as AA Corpus Christi. He is recovering from injury)
Jake Buchanan (2010 Draft-8th Round)
Jeiler Castillo (Greeneville in 2009)
Adam Champion (2010 Draft-24th Round)
Jorge DeLeon (DeLeon was an infielder for Tri-City and Lexington in 2009)
Bobby Doran (2010 Draft-4th Round)
Murillo Gouvea (Bristol/Kannapolis/Greeneville in 2009. Gouvea was brought into the organization via a trade with the White Sox in 2009. He was resigned as a free agent in the off-season)
David Martinez (Greeneville in 2009)
Michael Ness (2010 Draft-33rd Round)
Carlos Quevedo (Greeneville in 2009)
James Robinson (2010 Draft- 12th Round)
Thomas Shirley (2010 Draft- 9th Round)
Alexander Sogard (2010 Draft-26th Round)
Brenden Stines (Tri-City in 2009)

Buck Afenir (Played at University of Kansas in 2009. Afenir was undrafted but played with the GCL Yankess and Staten Island last summer.)
Ben Heath (2010 Draft-5th Round)
Carlos Mojica (Greeneville in 2009)

Tyler Burnett (2010 Draft-17th Round)
Oscar Figueroa (Greeneville and Tri-City in 2009)
Jacke Healey (2010 Draft- 27th Round)
Michael Kvasnicka (2010 Draft-1st Round Supplemental)
Ben Orloff (Greeneville and Tri-City in 2009)
Nick Stanley (Tri-City in 2009)

Daniel Adamson (2010 Draft-20th Round)
Frank Almonte (Greeneville in 2009)
Adam Bailey (2010 Draft- 23rd Round)
Wilton Infante (GCL Astros and Greeneville in 2009)
Renzo Tello (Tri-City in 2009)


drmmr06 said...

Has Erik Castro been that bad in extended spring training? A lot of people were shocked he didn't make the Lexington roster have posting solid numbers in Tri-City last year. Now he's not on Tri-City's roster for this year either? What's the work on how he's doing?

farmstros said...

I am trying to find out what is up with E. Castro. It seems like I read somewhere that he is hurt.

farmstros said...

Word from the Astros is that E. Castro is on the Tri-City Disabled List

Larry McCoy said...

Castro had a surgical procedure first week of June it seems