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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Astros Draft in Review... 2009

Most of last season's draft picks are in Class A or Extended Spring Training awaiting a short season assignment. However, the 21st Round Pick is in Corpus Christi already.

Corpus Christi
Barry Butera, IF


David Berner, P
Dallas Keuchel, P
Mike Modica, P
Michael Schurz, P
Brandon Wikoff, IF

Aaron Bray, IF
Tanner Bushue, P
Robert Donovan, P
Jacob Goebbert, OF
Grant Hogue, OF
Brian Kemp, OF
J.D. Martinez, OF
Jonathan Meyer, IF
Jio Mier, SS
Daniel Sarisky, P
Brandt Walker, P-Disabled List

Extended Spring Training
Erik Castro, IF
Justin Harper, P
Enrique Hernandez, IF
Ryan Humphrey, OF (Rehab)
B.J. Hyatt, P (Rehab)
Mark Jones, P
Telvin Nash, OF
Ben Orloff, IF
Ron Sanchez, 1B
Travis Smink, P
Nicholas Stanley, 1B
Brenden Stines, P
Bubby Williams, C
Garen Wright, OF

NOTE: 37th Round Pick Raul Rivera, P signed last summer but has yet to appear on any roster I have seen.


Larry McCoy said...

Rivera pitched 4 games in the Gulf Coast league... and is in extended today.. many players expect to know by tomorrow their assignments. It is likely the decisions will be finalized by the end of this week with minor changes as the 2010 picks start signing.

Larry McCoy said...

Extended announced the awards also with Oscar Figueroa overall MVP with positional awards to Carlos Quevedo and Ben Orloff.