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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Stuck in Lexington-The J.D. Martinez Story

While Lexington OF J.D. Martinez has continued hitting and then hitting some more, I (and other bloggers) have wondered why he hasn't been moved up to Lancaster or even Corpus Christi. Subber10 posted a comment at The Crawfish Boxes which gives some good insight into the reason for Martinez's extended low A stay. I am working on confirming with Subber10 where he got this information, but it appears to be pretty good reasoning to me. NOTE: The word from SUBBER10 is that Zach Levine tweeted this a few weeks ago.

"Yes, there is some reasoning to it that I have grown to understand and like. JD’s max value is as a RFer. LFers and first baseman who can hit like he can are easily replaceable and not that valuable. A RFer on the other hand is valuable. He has the arm to play RF but is new to the position and therefore raw defensively. So, while his bat needs to be promoted, his defense doesn’t. If this were a few years back when our A+ affiliate was in Salem, he’d be there. But, that isn’t the case anymore. Lancaster would be a bad place to learn RF. The wind blows out to RF and the winds are pretty strong. That throws the ball all over the place and would probably hurt his learning curve.

The plan is that he will skip Lancaster and move straight to CC next year


Keith said...

I linked your blog to our legends blog.; I like the idea of quest for 3000 syllables.Put in short bites. Very good.

farmstros said...

thanks for the comment. Do you work with Gil on the ESL classes?