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Thursday, August 19, 2010

An interview with Jordan Lyles

I just got a phone message from StreetJL in Portland. He interviewed Jordan Lyles, JB Shuck and Burt Hooton for Farmstros prior to tonight's Round Rock- Portland. I don't have a timeline, but he is working on getting the audio to me as soon as he can. He also has some pictures and video from Lyles' start in Tacoma Monday night.

Thanks to StreetJL who went the extra mile(s) to Follow the Astros of the Future in the Northwest. Also, thanks to RR's Larry Little and Erik (not Ed, my mistake) Woody and Portland's Chris Metz who helped put this opportunity together.

Stay tuned

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street said...

Am having a bit of trouble getting the video and audio files to my computer. Should be done over the weekend though.

BTW, Ed Wood[y] directed the video. ERIK Woody was the man that was kind enough to help me get the interviews set up at the ballpark. I'll have more on that a bit later, but in short he (and all involved) were great to work with. The level of professionalism and courtesy from all were amazing, and appreciated!