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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rosario adjusting to the Mound

Ebert Rosario made his sixth appearance as a pitcher for the GCL Astros Tuesday, pitching one scoreless inning. He has a 7.56 ERA through those six appearances; however, that ERA doesn't tell the whole story. Rosario began the year as an infielder with Lancaster before the organization requested that he switch to pitching. In his first appearance in Florida, he retired only one batter giving up four hits, five runs and one walk. Since that outing, Rosario has settled in pitching eight innings in five games, allowing four hits, two runs and one walk. He has a 2.25 ERA during that time with eight strikeouts.


Larry McCoy said...

Great guy... a much faster transition to pitching than a previous infielder DeLeon (who also pitched well at TriCity). With a fast transition to the mound, it makes me worry for potential injury to shoulder or elbow as the converted player has not had much time to master body mechanics off the mound.

Good post. Enjoyed seeing the update and nod to a job well done!

farmstros said...

thanks, Larry. DeLeon is really doing well as a pitcher at Tri-City too