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Monday, September 27, 2010

2011 Draft Positioning Update

Heading into the final week of the season, Houston has the 10th worst record in baseball. Depending on how the last six games of the season go, the club could draft anywhere from ninth to 13th in next summer's draft.

The standings:

#9- Brewers- 73-82- ----
#10- Astros- 74-82- 1/2
#11- Dodgers-75-81- 1 1/2
#12- Angels- 75-80- 2
#13- Mets- 76-79- 3

NOTE: Thanks to Lee Street (see his comment) for pointing out that the tenth worst record will only gain the #12 pick in 2011.

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street said...

What sucks about this year is that 10th (in reverse order) in the standings only merits you the 12th overall pick. Arizona gets the '11 7th overall pick as compensation for not signing Loux with their '10 6th overall pick, and San Diego gets the '11 10th overall pick for not signing Whitson with their '10 9th overall pick. Bummer!