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Thursday, April 14, 2011

With the 11th Pick in the 2011 Draft

Thanks to Brian McTaggart and Twitter we know the Astros first four picks in the 2011 Draft, which begins June 6.

The club will continue building their farm system with picks #11, 69, 99, and 130.

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Jim said...

My first thought was, "how can our 2nd rounder be #69" ? Checked BA and in addition to 26(!) sandwich picks, there are 3 more first rounders for teams that failed to sign their 2010 first rounders.....basically, a 2nd rounder this year is a 3rd rounder in terms of talent.
....On the bright side, one Astro failing has been playing hard enough to finish out of the top picks, and thus getting no ready-made stars that are usually available only in the first 5-6 picks....looks like this year we'll follow the Kansas City/Tampa Bay model of sucking bad enough to get into the top 5......