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Saturday, October 1, 2011

13 Reasons the Astros Should be in the American League in 2013

Where will the Astros of the Future be the future? National League? American League? Atantic League? I say it should be the American League, and here is why:

The Top 13 Reasons the Astros Should be in the American League in 2013:

#13: Ed Wade can trade with the Phillies even more since he doesn't have to worry about helping a team in his own league.

#12: With the DH in place, more chances for position players to bunt.

#11: Lee Greenwood didn't sing I'm Proud to Be a National did he?

#10: The American League is first among the leagues, alphabetically that is.

#9: "Hey Brad Ausmus, we're playing at least 18 games in California this season, want to come join the coaching staff?"

#8: Astros jump into race with Milwaukee to become the first team to represent both leagues in the World Series.

#7: Who wouldn't pay to see the expression on Zach Levine's face the first time a DH steps to the plate at Minute Maid Park?

#6: With the Blue Jays coming to town every year, Minute Maid Park will be filled with O Canada! at least three times a season.

#5: Increased chance that Milo Hamilton will get a chance to call a game at his 60th Major League stadium-Minnesota's Target Field.

#4: What's more classy than umpires in burgandy sport coats? Oh wait, they don't wear those anymore.

#3: Projections indicate that in 2013, 106 NL losses will be worth only 102.7 AL losses.

#2: Manager still has a chance to show off his "double switch" prowess during inter-league play

#1: Two Words: Bud. Selig.

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