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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Unlikely Realignment Winner- SugarLand Skeeters

When Matt O'Brien and the team building the SugarLand Skeeters sit down to eat their turkey and dressing on Thursday, the recent announcement that the Astros are moving to the American League will be near the top of the list of things for which they are thankful.

For those unfamiliar with the geography of Houston, SugarLand is less than 25 miles southwest of Minute Maid Park. Therefore, while the Skeeters aren't in the same league as the Astros, they will be competing to some degree with the big league club for butts to put into the 7500 seats of StarTex Power Field. From this chair, it is apparent that the dissatisfaction of the Astros' fan base over the impending move to the American League combined with the fact that the Astros are coming off of their worst season in franchise history, combine to give the Skeeters a maximum opportunity to succeed in carving out a niche in the Houston area baseball market.

NOTE: As an added bonus for the Skeeters, the weekend that the Skeeters begin their 2012 season, April 26-29, the Astros are out of town in Cincinnati.

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