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Monday, March 26, 2012

March Madness- 25 Years Ago

It seems everyday this spring, somebody new has posted their pictures, video, and more from the Astros' Spring Training proceedings in Kissimmee. Unfortunately, a trip to Spring Training is not on the Farmstros calendar this season. However, thanks to a well-perserved scrapbook, we are able to share with the Farmstros Village a few pictures of the last(and only) time we were able to watch some baseball in Osceola County Stadium, 25 years ago.

This photo of game action was taken either March 16, 1987 when the Astros took on the Cardinalso or March 18 when they took on Cincinnati. The Reds' manager at the time was Pete Rose.

Here's an obligatory crowd shot. Somewhere off in the distance, Ken Caminiti was getting ready to open the season with AA Columbus. Caminiti made his debut later in the season.

General Admission in 1987? $4.00

Keith Bodie, who is Corpus Christi's manager this season, was the manager of the Asheville Tourists in 1987. About halfway through the year, Bodie would welcome a new player to the Asheville roster: The Astros' first round pick out of Seton Hall, Craig Biggio.

March 1987 was truly a banner sports month for Farmstros. After spending a week in Florida(our remote offices are pictured above), we were able to stop off in New Orleans for a little Final Four action at the Superdome.

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