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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Letter From Junction Jack on a PC

I did not know that Junction Jack (on a PC) was a member of the Farmstros Village.  However, it makes sense.  The big rabbit has been a central figure in cultivating Astros' Fans of the Future for more than a decade.  I am glad to allow him to share his concerns about one aspect of the Astros' future that is close to his quickly-beating rabbit heart.

Dear Farmstros Village,

I am writing you because I hope that my message will strike a chord with you and your unique passion for the Astros’ organization.

First, it is a great honor to be the main mascot of the Houston Astros baseball team. My family’s life was changed forever when Enron Field opened in the spring of 2000, and I got the call to the big leagues. We have been hopping in the lettuce since then.

While my time with the organization has been good, one part of the club’s strategy in 2012 is making it difficult for me to be a completely loyal mascot of the organization. This season, even though I live in Minute Maid Park, I will only be able to watch three games on television with my family. We do see all the team’s home games in person, but we are working during those games, and there is something special about gathering around the TV and just watching the team play without having to worry about entertaining fans.
To clear up any confusion, due to species loyalty and personal financial decisions, the Junction Jack family is a rabbit ears only clan. This is a trait that we share with somewhere between 10 and 20 percent of the people in the Houston area.(200,000-400,000 people). In recent years, we have seen the number of Astros games we can watch on rabbit ears television dwindle; however, we still looked forward to the eight to 12 years a season we would be able to watch.
The 2012 broadcast season is undoubtedly rock bottom for us in this regard. We will only be able to see three Astros games on our TV. Further, two of those games are home games when we are working, so we will be required to record them and watch them later.

Needless to say, the fact that I can see so few Astros games causes great amusement for the Rangers’ mascot- Rangers Captain. He was quick to point out that I can see three Astros games on rabbit ears TV(the same number that I can see in Houston) if I visit Dallas when the Astros and Rangers play. Rangers Captain also mentioned that if I became his side kick(and a Ranger mascot), I could see more than 30 Rangers games, not including the World Series, on Rabbit Ears TV in the Dallas area. I rudely rejected that idea, but I must admit it was tempting.

As if Rangers Captain isn’t annoying enough, Houston’s mascots are giving me the business about this issue as well. The Dynamo’s Diesel is the latest of my tormenters. I have no reply for that orange haired fox when he starts talking about the team’s games being on Channel 2 and having their own monthly show there as well. I’m not proud to admit that I dread the day Swatson and Moe call to tell me that the Sugar Land Skeeters have just signed a deal with Channel 39 to broadcast five games from Constellation Field this season, beginning with the season opener on April 26. There are some days I have to call Sammy Owl over at Rice University just to make it through.

Admittedly, I am just a simple rabbit trying to make a living in the world of baseball. I don’t understand all the financial complexities of sports broadcasting. However, I see the club address the concerns of pockets of fans in communities as far away as San Antonio and Austin, and I can’t help but wonder what they are doing for the “Rabbit Ears” fans like myself right in their backyard.

Thank you for your time,
Junction Jack on a PC


The Morning Coffee Mix - KFEE Digital Radio said...

Hi Junction Jack. Great article. Are you serious that Channel 39 has a deal with the Skeeters are was that just a fear? Over the air tv is becoming less and less these days. Might be time to kill the rabbit ears and get wired...We like your real ones though. Great article!

farmstros said...

Thanks for the comment. Junction Jack has informed that as far as he knows the Skeeters don't have a TV deal at the moment. That is just a fear of his. As far as a rabbit giving up the rabbit ears, he says that would be like asking a Houstonian to give up his or her car.