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Thursday, May 24, 2012

If the PTBNL is a Royals' 2011 Draft Pick, Part 2

A few weeks ago, I posted information about the players the Royals picked in the first 20 rounds of last years' draft.    I felt this information was significant as it is a strong possibility that the PTBNL in the Astros/Royals trade from Spring Training could come from this group of players.

Today, while listening to the OKC game, I learned that a player cannot be traded until one year after he SIGNS, not one year after he is drafted.  Based on that new knowledge, I think it is worthwhile to provide you with the signing dates of the Royals' draftees mentioned in the previous post.  If you have your heart set on Brian Brickhouse, it looks like you will have to wait until August.

Bubba Starling- 08/15/2011

Cameron Gallagher- 08/01/2011

Bryan Brickhouse- 08/15/2011

Kyle Smith- 08/15/2011

Patrick Leonard- 08/15/2011

Cesar Ogando- 06/19/2011

Kellen Moen- 06/13/2011

Aaron Brooks- 06/13/2011

Matthew Murray-  06/13/2011

Jerrell Allen- 06/19/2011

Stephen Lumpkins- 06/19/2011

D'Andre Toney- 06/12/2011

Dean Espy- 06/13/2011

Jack Lopez-08/15/2011

Nicholas Cuckovich-  06/12/2011

Andrew Ferguson-06/12/2011

Terrance Gore- 06/12/2011

These signing dates were taken from the Royals' website.

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Tom Cahillane said...

What about this years draft? Any thoughts?