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Saturday, June 30, 2012

2012 Draft Class

1st Round- Carlos Correa, SS, Puerto Rico Baseball Academy, Signed, Greeneville
1st Round(Supplemental)- Lance McCullers, Jr., RHP, HS(FL), Signed, Greeneville
2nd Round- Nolan Fontana, SS, Florida, Signed, Lexington
3rd Round- Brady Rodgers, RHP, Arizona St., Signed, Tri-City
4th Round- Rio Ruiz, 3B, HS(CA), Signed, Greeneville
5th Round- Andrew Aplin, CF, Arizona St., Signed, Lancaster
6th Round- Brett Phillips, CF, HS(FL), Signed, GCL Astros
7th Round- Preston Tucker, OF, Florida, Signed, Tri-City
8th Round- Tyler Heineman, C, UCLA, Signed, Tri-City
9th Round- Daniel Minor, RHP, Texas A&M-Corpus Christi, Signed, Greeneville
10th Round- Joe Bircher, LHP, Bradley, Signed, Tri-City
11th Round- Hunter Virant, LHP, HS(CA)
12th Round- Terrell Joyce, LF, Florida State College, Signed, Greeneville
13th Round- Brian Holmes, LHP, Wake Forest, Signed, Tri-City
14th Round- Joe Sclafani, SS, Dartmouth, Signed, Tri-City
15th Round- Erick Gonzalez, RHP, Gateway CC, Signed, GCL Astros
16th Round- Dan Gulbransen, OF, Jacksonville, Signed, Tri-City
17th Round- Aaron West, RHP, Washington, Signed, Tri-City
18th Round- Richard Gingrass, C, Palm Desert, Signed, Greeneville
19th Round- Austin Elkins, 2B, Dallas Baptist, Signed, Tri-City
20th Round- Michael Clark, LHP, Kent St.
21st Round- Marc Wik, OF, Chabot JUCO(CA), Signed, Greeneville
22nd Round- Kenny Long, LHP, Illinois St., Signed, Lancaster
23rd Round- Travis Ballew, RHP, Texas St., Signed, Tri-City
24th Round- Patrick Blair, SS, Wake Forest
25th Round- Ryan Dineen, SS, Eastern Illinois, Signed, Tri-City
26th Round- C.J. Hinojosa, SS, HS(TX)
27th Round- Tanner Mathis, OF, Mississippi
28th Round- Angel Ibanez, 3B, Texas-Pan American, Signed, Greeneville
29th Round- Christian Garcia, RHP, Florence-Darlington Tech JUCO(SC), Signed, Greeneville
30th Round- John Neely, RHP, Texas Tech, Signed, Tri-City
31st Round- M.P. Cokinos, C, St. Mary's(TX), Signed, Tri-City
32nd Round- Tyler Manez, LHP, HS(NY)
33rd Round- Mike Hauschild, RHP, Dayton, Signed, Greeneville
34th Round- Jordan Jankowski, RHP, Catawba(NC), Signed, Greeneville
35th Round- James Sinatro, C, HS(WA)
36th Round- Mike Martinez, 3B, Florida International, Signed, Greeneville
37th Round- Michael Dimock, RHP, Wake Forest, Signed, Greeneville
38th Round- Zachary Remillard, 3B, LaSalle Institute(NY)
39th Round- Mitchell Traver, RHP, HS(TX)
40th Round- Joseph Shaw, RHP, HS(TX)

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What is status of Preston Tucker?