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Saturday, September 15, 2012

2012 Farmstros' Play-off Central

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All times listed are Minute Maid Park Time

Corpus Christi Hooks in Texas League Play-offs

First Round vs. Frisco(Best of Five)
RoughRiders win series, 3-0.

Game #1- September 5 at Frisco- RoughRiders-6, Hooks-5
Game #2- September 6 at Frisco- RoughRiders-3, Hooks-2
Game #3- September 7 at Corpus Christi- RoughRiders-5, Hooks-0

Lancaster JetHawks in California League Play-offs

California League Championship vs. Modesto(Best of Five)
JetHawks win the championship, 3-0.

Game #1- September 13 at Modesto- JetHawks-7, Nuts-4
Game #2- September 14 at Modesto- JetHawks-11, Nuts-2
Game #3- September 15 at Lancaster- JetHawks-3, Nuts-2

Southern Division Championship vs. High Desert(Best of Five)
JetHawks win series, 3-1.

Game #1- September 8 at High Desert- JetHawks-8, Mavericks-7(12 innings)
Game #2- Septmeber 9 at High Desert- Mavericks-16, JetHawks-3
Game #3- September 10 at Lancaster- JetHawks-10, Mavericks-5
Game #4- September 11 at Lancaster- JetHawks-9, Mavericks-6

First Round vs. Lake Elsinore(Best of Three)
JetHawks win series, 2-1.

Game #1- September 5 at Lake Elsinore- Storm-1, JetHawks-0
Game #2- September 6 at Lancaster- JetHawks-5, Storm-1
Game #3- September 7 at Lancaster- JetHawks-3, Storm-2

Tri-City Valley Cats in New York-Penn League Play-offs

New York-Penn League Championship vs. Hudson Valley(Best of Three)
Renegades win series, 2-1.

Game #1- September 11 at Tri-City- ValleyCats-5, Renegades-4(10 innings)
Game #2- September 12 at Hudson Valley- Renegades-5, ValleyCats-2
Game #3- September 13 at Hudson Valley- Renegades-8, ValleyCats-3

First Round vs. Auburn(Best of Three)
Valley Cats win series, 2-1.

Game #1- September 7 at Auburn- ValleyCats-5, Doubledays-4
Game #2- September 9 at Tri-City- Doubledays- 5, ValleyCats-2
Game #3- September 10 at Tri-City -ValleyCats-16, Doubledays-7

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927eaade-f6c2-11e1-a5b1-000bcdcb8a73 said...

Aaron West will be starting game 1 for Tri-City, Brady Rodgers starting game 2.