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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Rule 5 Eligibles

These 38 players are vulnerable to the 2012 Rule 5 draft.  Players in bold are vulnerable for the first time.

Luis Alvarez, C(2012 Team(s)- Greeneville/Lexington)
Erik Castro, IF(Lancaster)
Trevor Crowe, OF(Akron/Columbus/Salt Lake City)
Luis Cruz, LHP(Lexington)
Luis DeLa Rosa, IF(GCL Astros) 
Sergio Escalona, LHP(DNP)
Chuckie Fick, RHP(Memphis/OKC/St. Louis/Houston)
Rene Garcia, C(Lancaster/CC)
Ernesto Genoves, C(Greeneville/Lexington)
Jacob Goebbert, OF(CC/OKC)  
Alfredo Gonzalez, C(GCL Astros)
Edgar Gonzalez, RHP(Colorado Springs, Monterey, OKC, Houston)
Murilo Gouvea, RHP(Lexington)
Zachary Grimmett, RHP(Lancaster)
Mark Hamburger, RHP(RR/Tucson/OKC)
Angel Heredia, RHP(DNP)
Grant Hogue, OF(Lancaster)
Marc Krauss, OF(Mobile/CC/OKC)
David Martinez, RHP(Lancaster)
Jose Martinez, 2B(CC/OKC)
Dan Meszaros, RHP(DNP-Injured)
Jose Monzon, OF(Greeneville)
Cristian Moronta, C(GCL Astros/Greeneville/Tri-City/Lexington)
Wes Musick, LHP(Lancaster/CC/OKC)
Ben Orloff, IF(Lancaster/CC)
Carlos Perez, C(Lansing/Lancaster)
Juri Perez, RHP(Tri-City/Lexington)
Carlos Quevedo, RHP(Lexington/Lancaster)
Euris Quezada, RHP(Greeneville/Tri-City/Lexington)
Darwin Rivera, IF(GCL Astros)
Andrew Simunic, IF(CC/OKC)
Jason Stoffel, RHP(CC)
Frederick Tiburcio, RHP(Greeneville)
Pat Urckfitz, LHP(Lancaster)

Jose Valdez, RHP(OKC/Houston)
Kyle Weiland, RHP(Houston)
Brandon Wikoff, IF(CC)
Josh Zeid, RHP(CC) 

NOTE: Edwin Gomez was drafted by Detroit in 2009.  He joined the Astros mid-season of 2012.  All reports that I have read indicate that the Astros signed Gomez as a free agent.  Such a transaction could only have occurred if the Tigers first released Gomez.  If Gomez had stayed with the Tigers, he wouldn't have been Rule 5 eligible until 2013.  However, when a player is released by his original club, he becomes eligible beginning with the next Rule 5 Draft.  To the best of my understanding, Gomez is still with the organization, and he should Rule 5 eligible.  However...

More on Gomez, two sources who understand who is Rule 5 eligible and who is not have confirmed that Edwin Gomez is not Rule 5 eligible.  I can't explain this fact, but I defer to the experts on what is reality in this circumstance.


bigbeck said...

Why aren't they protecting krauss?

farmstros said...


I'm guessing that after his performance at AAA, the feeling is that he is not quite big league ready, so he is less likely to be taken. I have read that Grossman is a higher-ceiling guy, hence a team might take a risk on him.