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Friday, November 9, 2012

Talk About Being in the Right Place at the Right Time!

I guess it IS true that timing is everything.  Today is the 339th day of Jeff Luhnow's tenure as the Astros' General Manager.  At this point in the Astros' rebuilding process, winning a play-off game may not be the farthest thing from Luhnow's mind, but it is likely no where near the top of his list of "things to do today".

By contrast, Tim "Right Place at the Right Time" Purpura's 339th day as the Astros' General Manager came on October 5, 2005.   On that day seven years ago, Purpura watched his team win the first play-off game under his leadership.  Two weeks later, the team was on their way to the first World Series appearance in Astros' history.

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