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Thursday, December 6, 2012

A few Thoughts About the Rule 5 Draft

First of all, the highlight of the Rule 5 Draft in the Farmstros offices was when the Chicago White Sox drafted Angel Sanchez.  It was ironic(and cool) to see him picked up, especially after reading about all the hidden treasures who might be uncovered in the draft.  I sincerely hope Sanchez turns out to be a hidden treasure in Chicago.

However, the most impressive part of the draft was how efficiently the Astros were in their selection process.  I'm sure that Jonathan Mayo appreciated the way Houston picked two players (#19- Fields and #20- Freiman) who could be neatly slotted in at the end of Mayo  Top 20 prospect list.  Since there was no need to reshuffle players or move profiles around within the Astros' page, the updated prospect list was up and ready for public consummation less than 10 hours after the selections were made.

Today's Rule 5 performance was evidence of a vast improvement in efficiency by Jeff Luhnow and his staff compared to their trade deadline deal with Toronto.  Granted three of the four players acquired in that deal(not including the PTBNL) made it onto the Top 20 list immediately(Musgrove, Wojciechowski,  and Perez).  However, Mayo had to scramble to puzzle the trio into the Astros' prospect equation so that an updated list could be posted the day after that trade was made.  I can't recall exactly where the three players were slotted in July, but I do remember that their placements were scattered similarly to their current #10, #11 and #18 ratings.  Fortunately for Mayo, Houston kept the prospect rating challenge a lot more manageable this time around.

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