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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Let's Look at the OPS, then

It was great to hear John Granato at Yahoo! Sports 1560 AM in Houston ask Jeff Luhnow during an interview Wednesday if Carlos Pena's .197 batting average in 2012 scares him. 

After talking about the importance of scouting in the case of Pena and what Pena brings to the clubhouse, Luhnow discounted Pena's low batting average saying, "We far prefer if the fans are going to look at one number, that they look at OPS."  (Just in case OPS is not part of your baseball-watching vernacular, I will help you get with the Astros' program. OPS= On base percentage + Slugging Percentage.)

Well, I guess we need to look at that Carlos Pena's OPS, then. Pena's OPS in 2012 with Tampa Bay was .684. To give you some perspective, this number was the 124th highest out of 143 qualified major league batters.

Of the 15 players with 200 or more plate appearances for the 2012 Astros, Pena's OPS would have ranked 10th.  Among the players with a better OPS: Scott Moore, Chris Johnson, Carlos Lee, and Brett Wallace.


webberoo11 said...

Keep in mind 2012 was a considerably down year for Pena from 2009-2011 he posted 871/893/732/819. Lets hope 2012 was just a off yr

farmstros said...

In 2011, Pena was 48th of 145 in MLB in OPS. Above average.

In 2010, he was 101st of 149. Below average.

Hopefully, two of the last three years have just been off years.

I can buy that Pena is a good clubhouse guy and will be a good influence on a young team. And for what was paid, he's probably a good bargain.

However, it's off-putting to hear Luhnow trying to tell fans to follow and understand baseball in a certain way, just because it lines up with his philosophy.