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Saturday, December 15, 2012

The '13 Propsects of Christmas- #10- Domingo Santana

by Jared Webb @webberoo11

 #10 Domingo Santana R/R OF 6'5 228 20 yrs old
We've all seen the movies about the bad guys who have that gigantic bodyguard....Santana is bigger than the bodyguard. 
 He is going to have monster power when he stops growing and he is showing good development with the bat. He runs well and has a big arm which could keep him in RF. Strikeouts might always be a problem, but he should still hit enough to be a good everyday RF. There is a chance he could move to left depending on who moves where within the organization. Santana's offspeed recognition will need to develop,  but if/when it does this guy could be scary.
Ceiling: Upper Tier OF
Floor: Bench Bat
c2012 Jared Webb. Used with permission.

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