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Saturday, December 22, 2012

The '13 Prospects of Christmas- #3- George Springer

by Jared Webb @webberoo11

#3 George Springer R/R OF 6'3" 200 22 years old
The tool shed is completely full with this guy. Big bat, good speed, big arm, good defender. What could make the difference between all star or just a everyday regular for Springer is the strikeout. 
Anyone who has watched him knows he really likes to swing the bat hard. He doesn't mind taking a walk (which is why his draft status jumped so high in 2011), but he tends to swing and miss a lot. Playing in Lancaster made Springer look like a pure force of nature and allowed the strikeouts to remain hidden. In spite of the large number of strikeouts, I still like Springer a lot. Any fan of prospects has to love a guy with this many tools. 
I see Springer as an everyday RF, because I see Deshields shifting to CF.  Springer has power that will translate well in Minute Maid.  He also  has speed that could help him rack up some steals.  AA will be a big test for Springer in 2013, but if he succeeds there Astros fans can hope for the best.
Ceiling: All-Star RF
Floor:  Average OF
c2012 Jared Webb.  Used with permission.

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