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Monday, December 17, 2012

The Farmstros Village Picks Bagwell and Biggio

Thanks to those of you who voted in the Farmstros Hall of Fame balloting.  The voting ended last Friday night.  The official BBWAA results will be announced in January.  The 2013 induction ceremony is scheduled for July 28 in Cooperstown, New York.

Here are the final results of the Farmstros poll:

40 total votes

Craig Biggio- 39 (97.5%)
Jeff Bagwell- 38 (95)
Mike Piazza- 29 (72.5)
Roger Clemens- 26 (65)
Curt Schilling- 23 (57.5)
Barry Bonds- 18 (45)
Tim Raines- 17 (42.5)
Jack Morris- 15 (37.5)
Edgar Martinez- 12 (30)
Don Mattingly- 10 (25)
Lee Smith- 9 (22.5)
Alan Trammell- 9 (22.5)
Larry Walker- 8 (20)
Mark McGwire- 8 (20)
Kenny Lofton- 7 (17.5)
Rafael Palmeiro- 7 (17.5)
Dale Murphy- 6  (15)
Fred McGriff- 4 (10)
Bernie Williams- 4 (10)
Sammy Sosa- 3 (7.5)

Received One Vote- Sandy Alomar, Jr., Steve Finley, Julio Franco, Shawn Green, David Wells, Rondell White, Woody Williams

10 candidates received 0 votes.


Scott said...

Instead of voting for a regular HoF I decided to create my own for one player from every team their fans really wish was in Cooperstown (but isn't). I call it my Dale Murphy All Stars, here's the most recent post if you want to check it out: Dale Murphy All Stars 3

farmstros said...

That looks pretty cool. Liked seeing Cecil Cooper for the Brewers and especially Boog Powell. Thanks for sharing.