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Monday, December 3, 2012

Why the Grinch Needs Ear Plugs

The Grinch hated baseball fans, that much was clear.
Their hope for the future. Their undying cheers.
Their noise as it echoed throughout Houston's streets
Was something the Grinch could not stand in the least.

He longed for a way he could quiet those fans
And keep them from filling up Minute Maid's stands.
He longed for a way he could silence the chatter
And hand out a strike out to every last batter.

He'd snatch up those wins, pack them all in a sack-
The same bag he'd used in his Whoville attack.
He'd snuff out their dreams, rest assured of it, man,
If he could just think of another great plan.

He thought and he thought and he thought a bit more.
He pondered and pondered, 'til his head was sore.
He gave up at last as he sat in his seat.
He threw up his hands and sought something to eat.

The Grinch, he had failed in his quest for a plan.
Yet, others were hard at work, rest assured, man.
The Grinch? he did nothing, but wins went away.
The losses, they piled up day after day.

The Grinch was ecstatic as Houston's team fell.
Each game that they lost, he would ring a small bell.
The schedule rolled on, he smiled more every day.
He laughed his mean laugh after every bad play.

"Pooh-Pooh to the fans!" he was grinch-ish-ly humming.
"They're finding out now that no winning is coming!"
He listened intently a minute or two
Quite certain the fans would be crying "BOO! HOO!"

Then, off in the distance, a whisper WAS heard,
A softer song than from the smallest of birds.
It started in low, though the ground held no snow.
It started in low, then it started to grow.

It wasn't a BOO! HOO!, the noise that was heard.
This song, it was hopeful, the future its word.
Not everyone sang it at first, it is true,
But it was convincing, and steadily grew

The team kept on losing, still  that song did grow.
The Grinch, he was flummoxed.  How could this be so?
“They can’t see the future, and they LONG for it?
All they see are losses, their team in a pit.
Yet,  they keep on singing, ‘We’ll be good some day,
Which season we confess, it’s too hard to say.’”

The Grinch was amazed as the song grew each year.
Resigned to his fate, he bought plugs for his ears.

c2012 Mike Tauser

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