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Friday, January 25, 2013

Coming Soon: The Farmstros Village Scouting Bureau

As of Thursday, the 2013 MLB Rule 4 draft was 19 weeks away. 

If I was able to clone myself like Jeff Luhnow allegedly did, I would send my copies from coast to coast to watch draft eligible collegiate and high school players. Following their travels, I would have my clones write about what they saw for the readers of this blog.  Unfortunately, the Astros are a bit tight-lipped about their cloning technology, so I turn to my readers in hopes that we can create a Farmstros Village Scouting Bureau, cover the country and share information about as many draft prospects as possible between now and June 6.

Here's what I'm thinking:

I know that as readers of this blog you are obviously followers of baseball.  My request to you: if you attend or watch a college or high school game in the next four months and see a draft "prospect", please write down your impressions of that player and share them with the Village.  You can email your "scouting report" to me at
If you have pictures or video of the player in action, that is an added bonus, and will certainly enhance the resource that the Farmstros Village Scouting Bureau becomes. 

If you are interested in watching some prospects, but don't know where any are playing, please let me know.  I will do my best to figure out who is playing in your "backyard", wherever your backyard might be.  If you are unable to see players firsthand, the Farmstros Village Scouting Bureau also has room for reports gleaned from scouring internet scouting reports.

I intend to file my first scouting report after watching Rice and Stanford play the weekend of February 15-17.  Those games will include several draft prospects.

I am looking forward to hearing about what/who you see at the ball field.  Thanks for following the Astros of the Future with us

Mike Tauser

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