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Sunday, January 13, 2013

I Agree with Blank Ballot Guy

Of everything I have read leading up to and following the revelation(?) of the 2013 baseball Hall of Fame class, the perspective that has resonated with me most was presented by Howard Bryant at  His take on the ravages that the steroid era inflicted on major league baseball hits very close to my personal experience in response to that time period.  He aptly describes commemorating that diseased era with a Hall of Fame vote as feeling as disingenuous as celebrating Barry Bonds' 756th home run.

If the only consequence that major league baseball incurs for their institutional failure is one Hall of Fame induction ceremony that isn't quite as lively as usual, then the legacy of Alan Huber Selig is getting off pretty light for his misdeeds. 


timmy! said...

MLB has nothing to do with the Hall of Fame induction. The only institution hurt by no one getting elected is the Hall of Fame which relies on induction week as it's major source of income.

farmstros said...

The MLB has nothing to do with Hall of Fame induction? I'll grant you that the Hall has a hands on approach who gets in their museum, but what would the Hall of Fame be without the MLB?

farmstros said...

That should read hands off approach

farmstros said...


the whole thing reminds me of a case with a contemporary Christian singer a few years back. He was on the radio quite often; however, it was found out that he had committed adultery. As a result, many stations refused to play the songs he sang for several years. However, those who were harmed equally as much as the singer himself were the people who wrote the songs he sang. They lost out on a good amount of royalty income because of the singer's indiscretions.

The only difference in the case with the Hall of Fame is that the HOF had a much better idea of who they were doing business with when it came to finding players to put in their museum and they had a very hands-off approach to the endeavor.

Is it completely fair that the hall loses revenue and Craig Biggio doesn't get elected on the first ballot in part because of the misdeeds/failings of the MLB, the players and the BBWAA? Perphaps not. But considering that the Hall gave away so much power to others in their process, I am not sure that the consequences are completely unjustified either.