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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Keep your Feet on the Ground (and Keep Wearing a Star)

Extra! Extra! about it all, read
A rivalry's coming with stupendous speed.
The greatest in Texas is Geogie P.'s aim
A Lone Star Colossus of unsurpassed fame.

The goal at first sounds lofty, Rick Perry thinks it's so.
Inspectors on review may posit boldly, "I don't know."

If Aggies v. Longhorns is fading away,
What two teams will stand in Postolos' way?

The Mavericks and Spurs?
They ARE rivals it's clear.
Yet, they only meet about four times a year.
The Texans and Cowboys?
Might hamper the deal
Except that they've only played three games for real.

The Hooks and the Missions?
Mojo and Midland Lee?
The Owls and the Cougars?
Who's he trying to beat?

The Jackalopes and Ice Rays?
Maybe, that's who's in his sights
The Dallas Stars and nobody?
I think that can't be right.

The goal is not that stellar
I must conclude today
Unless they aim to topple
SHS and SFA.

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