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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Thanks to the Village from the Houston Food Bank

5% of the funds donated by readers of this blog in a recent fundraiser were donated to the Houston Food Bank.  I received a thank you letter in the mail for this $12.20 donation.  Since the Farmstros Village made it possible, I wanted to share the contents of the letter with you.

"Dear Farmstros Village(The letter was actually addressed to my wife and I, but I told the HFB that the
 donation was from the Farmstros Village),

I want to thank you for your recent gift to the Houston Food Bank,  you are bettering lives here in our community.  In fact, Tiarsa's family has already benefitted from your generosity.  Her husband just lost his job, and is struggling to regain employment despite his diligent search.  Tiarsa has been working hard to make a difference, but her minimal income is sometimes not enough to feed their teenage son, Santos.

Thanks to your gifts, Tiarsa can pick up nutritious staple groceries from the Food Bank's Emergency Pantry when her family needs them, like now.  The pantry is client choice, so Tiarsa can pick up exactly what she knows her family both needs and will eat, so nothing goes to waste.

Tiarsa is so thankful for the generous friends who make this resource available to her family in their time of need.  She's not sure what she'd do without it.

'Thank you!' Tiarsa says, smiling. 'We appreciate it.' Tiarsa's family is just one of many that your generosity is benefitting.  On behalf of the hungry men, women and children in southeast Texas who have enough food because of you, thank you.

Brian Greene
President and CEO, The Houston Food Bank"

Click here for more information about The Houston Food Bank

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