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Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Turnover Continues

The announcement of the Astros' full minor league staff Friday further revealed the changing face of the Astros' organization.  Of the 51 members of the minor league staff heading into the 2012 season, 17 are no longer with the Astros as Spring Training 2013 approaches.

With the caveat that one or two of these individuals may have snuck through and found a position elsewhere within the Houston system here is a list of those who are gone:

Ty Van Burkleo, Van Burkleo began 2012 as the Minor League hitting coordinator.   He ended the season as the Astros' interim hitting instructor.  He has been hired as the Indians' hitting instructor for the 2013 season.

Stubby Clapp, Tri-City manager in 2012
Ivan DeJesus, Lexington manager
Edwin Garcia, DSL Astros assistant athletic trainer
Jaime Garcia, GCL Astros pitching coach
Ramon Garcia, DSL Astros assistant coach
Burt Hooton, Oklahoma City pitching coach
Jose Martinez, DSL Astros pitching coach
Luis Martinez, DSL Astros manager
Jon Matlack, Minor League pitching coordinator
Gary McCoy, Oklahoma City strength trainer
Eric Montague, Corpus Christi athletic trainer
Frank Renner, Minor League strength and conditioning coordinator
Joel Santo, DSL Astros bullpen coach
Danny Sheaffer, Minor League roving catching instructor
Charley Taylor, GCL Astros pitching coach
Milt Thompson, Minor League roving outfield/baserunning instructor

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