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Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Few Thoughts on Getting to School on Time and the Astros' Rebuild

There are some mornings that getting my two children to their elementary school reminds me of the various reactions surrounding the current state of the Astros.  If you will indulge me a few moments of your time, I will attempt to explain.

Although my children were born only 17 months a part, their outlooks on life couldn't be much more different.  Getting to school is one prime example of this fact.

One child is very goal oriented and loves the challenge of getting ready more quickly every day. I am convinced that if he was given full control of our transportation, we would eventually be arriving at school an hour before the doors open at least. He is always looking to win the race against himself.

The other child couldn't care less about such challenges.  She is not excited about the early start time of school, but she is always ready to go to school in plenty of time.  However, she is more concerned about getting ready at her own pace.  Her style works for her, and she is always mentally prepared for school and we arrive on time.

Needless to say, these differences of opinion occasionally lead to tense moments in the Taurus some mornings on the way to school.  However, despite the drama, we get to school on time, usually with a minimal amount of grumpy looks and hurt feelings.

After a recent touchy morning, it struck me that the drama in the back seat of my car is not much different from the debate that surrounds the Astros' rebuilding at times.  For some, frustration pervades because the Astros bus to school is moving too slowly.  Meanwhile, others are able to enjoy the ride despite the traffic jams, trains, and school zones that impede the progress. Here's hoping Bus Driver Luhnow can reach his destination without incurring too many tardy slips.

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